I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I’ve helped. Here’s what a few of my clients/athletes have to say:


“When it comes to body transformation, Christian Sandoval is a genius. He’s mastered the science behind strength and muscle gains with challenging workouts that push you past your limits, tailored food options that hit specific macro-nutrient requirements while still tasting great, and smart, healthy supplements that maximize your efforts. I never thought I could be this strong or fit, and with Christian’s help I’m quickly moving from muscular to jacked and I’m loving it. If you are serious about results, Christian is your man!”

-Greg Peterson

Long Beach, CA (Out of State Client)


I started working with Christian 6 months ago in hopes of losing the last 5 pounds I felt I needed to lose.  I teach group fitness and love to run, and have been very active for years.  With Christian’s guidance and motivation, I am finally getting the body I’ve always wanted.  My arms are cutting out, my midsection is lean and toned, and I feel stronger than ever!  And that 5 pounds I thought I’d lose?  Forget it.  I gained 5 pounds…of fat-burning muscle.  Family members started noticing the transformation within the first 8 weeks of training and I continue to have people come up to me and ask what I’ve been doing.  What I love most about Christian is how he challenges both your body and your mind.  Right off the bat, he challenged my cardio-driven mind-set and asked me to trust him.  I did, and my results speak for themself.  I’d follow him to the ends of the earth!

-Cicely Taylor

South Jordan, UT


Christian Sandoval knows his stuff!  When I first met Christian I was a cardio addict.  I would come to the gym, run for an hour and leave feeling great thinking I was one step closer to getting that perfect body that I had always wanted.  Because in my mind, I was committed to working out, was putting in the time at the gym by sweating a ton, so why wouldn’t my body change?
I was driving myself insane, doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  Then I met Christian.  His approach was completely different.  He told me I needed to lay off the cardio and pick up the weights.  Like any girl, my response was, “I don’t want to get big and bulky.”  He told me to trust him and that he knew what he was talking about.

So I did just that.  I did what he said, and began his training program.  It just about killed me to walk out of the gym, having only lifted weights, never even stepping foot in the cardio area, but I told him I’d try it for three weeks.

After the first three weeks of his training program, I could not believe the changes.  In that short amount of time, my body had changed considerably. He really knows what he’s talking about. Unlike many other trainers I’ve had, Christian explains the science behind why I’m doing what I’m doing. I’ve not only changed my body, but now understand the mechanics behind it all.

Now after a year of working out with him, it’s to the point at the gym where people come up to me and ask me questions because they think I’m a personal trainer.  I quickly tell them all I know, I’ve learned from Christian.

-Jen Runia

Herriman, UT


Our son Ben Fife (8th grade) started training with Christian in November 2013 at the conclusion of football season.  Ben has a goal to make the sophomore team as a freshman but he was only weighing in at 122 pounds.  After 3 months of training, encouragement and mentoring from Christian, Ben now weighs 142!!!  That is a solid gain of 20 pounds of muscle in 3 months!  His strength has skyrocketed and his confidence has exploded!  Christian is certainly a master trainer and superior motivator when it comes to training youth.  Ben can now hold his own wrestling his dad and older brother and his muscular physique has noticeably developed.

It is obvious that Christian has each workout planned and calculated. Ben comes home wiped out but excited about the things he is learning and the progress he’s making.

Christian YOU ROCK!  We have faith in TAT!  Thanks for building a great foundation for our young athlete!

-Lynee Fife

Herriman, UT


My name is Nathan Bekmezian and I’m seventeen years old. I have met and socialized with Christian Sandoval in mostly unprofessional settings, so knowing him personally, I can say he is honest, he knows what he’s talking about, and he has your best interests in mind.
Christian is a walking advertisement for himself, and seeing someone who looks like that inspires you. As soon as I learned that he was a personal trainer, I talked with him about training me. If he could make himself look like that, why not me? I explained what I wanted, I wanted to be stronger so I could lift more weight, I wanted to get bigger, and I wanted my strength to be functional. As an athlete who participates in football, track, and other sports, it was important to me that I could use my strength and size on and off the field, in everything I did.
He didn’t approach that goal the way I expected, and I wasn’t sure it would work. The knowledge that he tests all his workouts out on himself before giving them to clients combined with how fair the price was convinced me in the end. Speaking with him is reassuring because he knows his stuff, and he’s not there to turn everyone into monsters, he wants to help you fulfill YOUR goals.
I started the workout weighing 140lbs and benching 165lbs. Two months later weighing 150lbs and benching 210lbs I am very happy. I took the time to write this to let everyone else know that Christian can help you too. If you’re willing to work hard, he can help you accomplish your goals. He takes it case by case, and it’s cost effective. If you want to change and improve your physical health, Christian is your man!

-Nathan Bekmezian

Herriman, UT


Working out with Mr. Sandoval has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my athletic career. I’m a student athlete on a football scholarship and about 3 months ago I was faced with putting together a work out routine that would prepare me for college football. The first time I worked out with Mr. Sandoval he instantly knew my strengths and weakness’s. Then put together a plan specifically for me to not only turn my weakness’s into strengths but advance my strengths to the very best they have been in my life. His workouts don’t only push you physically but also mentally just as hard. Mr. Sandoval has a talent of pushing his athletes positively to reach their goals. This is the best shape I’ve ever been in, and now I know, not only am I ready for college football, I know I will succeed.

Brandon Farmer

Former Herriman HS Running Back Class of 2014

Current Student Athlete at Colorado School of Mines


Training has had a huge impact on my life in many ways. Many think training is just physical, but it involves all parts of your being. Training is mental and emotional work along side with the physical aspect of it. I’ve always worked out on my own, whether it was at my high school or at the gym. But that’s all it was, a physical work out. Training with Christian has shown me how to channel my mind and energy into training to get the most out of my self. If I had a bad day, he new the second I walked in the door. But he wouldn’t have me drop it to work out, but taught me how to apply my outside stresses to motivate and better my training.
Making training a mental focus in my life has helped me stay committed to my nutrition plan, achieve many goals, and realize the potential I really have. I am now on my own an entire country away from any one and anything I’ve ever known. But with that mental toughness training has given me I know I can take on any obstacle I am faced with. I have never made a better decision than making training such an important part in my life. I thank Christian and his program; The Art of Training, for getting me prepared for collegiate rugby.

Ashlee Byrge

Former Herriman HS Rugby Star, Class of 2014

Current Student Athlete at Davenport University


I chose the TAT for Christian’s military expertise and experience, and his impressive training background and knowledge for youth strength & conditioning. When I started I weighed 140 lbs. with a body fat percentage of 27.7%. After 6 weeks of training, 2 times per week, I’ve dropped my weight to 127 and reduced my body fat percentage to 19%. His training and nutrition coaching have made all the difference, I can’t wait to see where Coach Sandoval will take me in the next phase of my training!


Keely Paiz

Varsity Softball Player

Juan Diego High School


My son has been training with TAT for 2 months and utilizing the TAT Nutrition meal plan for about 6 weeks. He has seen a gain of 10 pounds, and I was so pleased with the quality, cost, and simplicity of the food that now our entire family is following the plan and getting healthy together.


Chrystal Jackson

Parent of DJ Jackson

Copper Hills High School


I chose TAT to help improve my overall performance as a varsity lacrosse player. Training with TAT has helped me on and off the field, and has greatly increased my lean muscle mass.  I have noticed great improvements in my performance with sports and being able to increase intensity whenever I see fit.  People around me, and I have noticed growth in size over the past 60 days.

Colt Bartnicki

Varsity Lacrosse Player

Herriman High School

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