TAT’s Adult Athlete Team Training offers a challenging and intense way to train through proprietary unconventional training methods located in our professional environment. Adult Athlete Team Training utilizes the “Team” training concept and consist of 8-16 athletes at any given time. In this setting the least experienced or novice athlete can train side by side with the most advanced or expert athlete. This is due to the progressive and digressive training style utilized by Coach Sandoval. From family, to friends and even co-workers, the energy created develops the “Esprit De Corps” commonly found in our US military. TAT’s Adult Athlete Team Training utilizes a variety of state-of- the- art equipment and techniques, all orchestrated to improve strength, agility, cardiovascular performance, and flexibility.

Our team training sessions are ideally suited for anyone who is tired of the traditional gym setting, who has lost direction in their quest for personal fitness, or who needs professional motivation to achieve their goals. No matter what your level of fitness, at Total Athlete Training our Adult Athlete Team Training will give you a completely different approach at how you look at training, and the results you receive will be both internal and external.


• Improve Strength & Agility
• Enhance Cardio Performance
• Increase Overall Flexibility
• Build Confidence and Mental Toughness


Can be scheduled according to your specific group’s needs or see our schedule to sign up for an already active class.

Come experience why advanced athletes of all ages train with us to achieve their fitness goals.